Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Grocery Game - What a Deal

"The Grocery Game", a site put together by a house mom became a multi-millionaire. Although I am glad for her, I am mostly glad at the deals this site puts together. Using this service can save you hundreds of dollars. The site works like this: you choose which stores you want to know the sales of and The Grocery Game gives them to you. It is very inexpensive to use and you make up the money for dues in one visit to the grocery store. There is a trial period of four (4) weeks for $1 and after that if you wish to continue, depending on how many stores you have in your service is menial. At two stores for less than twenty dollars quarterly, it is well worth the money. You also can get referral rewards. For each person you refer, you get twelve weeks free.
The Grocery Game site gives links to coupons you can print, purchase, or bid on to help in your savings. My first week of The Grocery Game, with only the coupons I printed from her page and shopping only the sales from the site, I saved forty (40) dollars at one store and ten (10) dollars at another, with seven (7) dollars back in rebate money. That is a total of fifty-seven ($57) dollar savings in one week! Just think what I could have saved if I would have had all the coupons on the site! This site does not promise you the exact savings listed, but shows just how much you could potentially save and gives you the tools to do it. The site also has forums, Terry's tips for frugal savings, and many other links. This site is probably the best deal savvy site on the web today. Once you've added your savings and referrals, it's like getting it for free!

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