Friday, April 24, 2009

Desecration of Graves

"Reverend" A.L. Dowdell desecrates the graves of civil war soldiers.Monday is Confederate Memorial Day. The day we show homage to our ancestors, Black, white,red, and yellow, men and women alike, who fought and died in the civil war. In Pine Hill Cemetery in Auburn, as the daughters of the confederacy placed confederate flags on their forefather's graves, reverend A.L. Dowdell of Auburn walked right in front of them, grabbing each flag he saw and snapping them in to. Desecrating the graves of War Veterans, a crime in the state of Alabama by the way and I'm sure everywhere else. He said the flags offended him. They stood for the Ku Klux Klan. OK I'll give you that there are many ignorant people, not just in the south, that believe in that kind of ignorance. But I say, you, sir, just walked upon the graves of men who died defending their homes, their families, their livelihood. (Which is exactly what our veterans do today and I dare you to do the same to their graves) Men in the civil war did not fight just for the cause of abolishing slavery, which many I am sure stood against, but for their homes. I dare say, sir if you have read the "Slave Narratives" (a composition of interviews by many men and women whom lived through the war) you would know that these men and women, slave and master, were terrified of what was happening. Their homes were uprooted, they were abused by Union Soldiers. Their food was stolen, their women used in God awful ways their homes and cities were burned to the ground whether they joined the cause or not. Many of these men who fought did so to keep their families fed and clothed and you might have well urinated upon their graves, dear sir. Not one of those flags were placed upon a head stone that read "here lies the grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan" they said here lies a father, a husband, a war veteran. Shame on you Mr. Dowdell, you should be charged with the crime you committed. There is no amnesty for city councilmen as far as I know, and I do know the law. I know they mayor will give an excuse and look the other way, turning it around into some political hoopla that you are so famous for, Mr. Dowdell, but I say you have committed a crime against the people of the State of Alabama and to the men and women you so veraciously offended with your politics.

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