Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Going Green Challenge

My "Going Green" challenge was amazing. By going green I don't mean using those cloth bags at the grocery store, but paying with cash only. I challenged myself to pay with cash only for my next paycheck. For two weeks, a small but reasonable goal, I paid for food, groceries, entertainment, clothing, dry cleaning, and extra treats with cash. All bills were taken directly from my checking account and any other pre-budgeted sinking funds left in the bank. The results were amazing. I saved close to $700 dollars! I watched the stack of greens dwindle down and it seemed to hurt more each time I broke a twenty. Before it was all said and done, I just couldn't bring myself to spend those last $40 greens. I became more frugal, using coupons, taking time planning my spending, and having no impulse buys. It was a huge success, I was no longer living "paycheck to paycheck" but actually had a disciplined plan in place; I had decided from now on to "go green".

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