Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Energy Pool Theory

What is “The Paranormal”? What is their purpose? Why do they plague some places or people more than others? What can we do to help them? Perhaps it is not our responsibility to help anything. We should observe their activity and try to understand our role in their world and their role in ours. Consider this, the Global Law of Conservation of Energy states the total energy of the universe cannot change( That means energy around us cannot pass on from this universe; what has always been here will remain in some form or fashion. Either on another plane or in another form, that energy must remain constant in our universe. Either it continues to be used, or it is transferred to something else. Therefore, you could say that a life force could stick around and maybe in a different form than what we are use to. How is it that the paranormal can use energy from living objects? The second law of Thermodynamics states energy and matter tends to be more evenly spread out across the universe (or their surroundings). Living organisms, being inefficient in how they use the energy received, let this energy spread out around them potentially letting something else to use that energy “pool” around that organism. Think of it as getting out of a swimming pool. You ring your clothes out and are now standing in a pool of water. That water was once a part of you, but now is transferred to the ground around you. Now say a wasp lands in the pool of water and drinks the water, that was once a part of the pool, and a part of you, and spread out around you on the ground. The water gives the wasp energy to fly.This is a perfect example how energy spread out from you can be transferred to something else to use for its own purposes. Just as a “ghost” could go into your energy pool, take some of that energy and use it for its own purposes. If you consider that your energy force cannot change, perhaps some remain in their energy force, but without ways of renewing their energy levels (like we use food, water, and sun); the only way to renew that energy that may have been transferred by use is to pull from other energy pools, therefore having to interact with those things around it – like living organisms. Perhaps their purpose is not to go around scaring people, or attacking people; but simply to keep their energy levels at a place where they can continue on without transferring so much energy that they are no longer what they started out as – but are spread out amongst the universe. People experience this concept when you brush against someone and sometimes get shocked. That is energy transferring between the two of you until it is even between you. Could a person, having a high “absorption” rate of energy, if you will, be hypersensitive to people, places, or entities with high amounts of energy? Yes! Some people are drawn to places where there are high amounts of energy. Perhaps this same place has high paranormal activity for the same reason. Could the activity become more active when that person is around? Yes! That person “absorbs” energy in high amounts, so the energy pool around them may be very large. Entities are drawn to that energy and to that person. That person may feel drained at times, or charged up – like a shock going up their body. They may experience stigmata or even psycho-connectivity to that other energy force. That person must understand, it is not an attack, it is not their duty to set en energy force free. That person is simply the light in a very dark room. Accepting that it is science and not a personal can allow this person understand their role and the role of “The Paranormal” in our universe.
The Energy Pool Theory
By: Michelle Smith
Investigator/Researcher:Michelle Smith

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