Sunday, April 27, 2008

Starting The Dave Way

When I got married, my husband had debt, no I mean serious debt. It was now up to me to try and fix it. At 22 you haven't a clue about money, so I tried everything, including getting into a lot of debt to try to pull us out. Five years later, a three year old later, thirty two thousand down, and sixteen thousand back up, I found Dave Ramsey. I'm on my way to losing my debt. I must live a life of accountability, every dollar accounted for. I have started a budget and am sticking to it. In my first month with Dave, I had saved a thousand dollars for emergencies, no credit cards for emergencies but cold hard cash. I had saved another 1500 for when I knew our money would be tight. Now here I am, going on a journey of money redemption, please join me. Check out Dave on his website, you'll find it in my supported links, it will change your life.

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