Sunday, April 27, 2008

Member of Generation Why

Everyone has the cool generation except mine. There's the baby boomers, the generation x, and then there is mine - generation Y which really should be generation why. It seems everyone I talk to was an accident, un-loved or not shown love (why me why me) I'm owed so much, my mommy and daddy separated and I just cant take it... let me give my child everything so they will never want for anything. Troubled american society... we are losing our children America, not because of anything our parents did but what we are doing. We are teaching them to live outside their means, spending more than they have (like the US Government does), when they are out of a "good job" we give them economic stimulus with money we dont have to give them just so we feel better about our economy and will spend more money that we dont already have. There are illegal aliens in this country who get up every day go stand in line to do what? WORK. not stand in line for hand outs at our local food banks, but work. Americans, our generation is ruining things. We teach our children that they can have whatever they want (and show no respect while they get it) and we are getting into debt to do it. Generation Y, I work where everyday I get reports from elementary schools where gang activity is going on, gangs in elementary school, it is popular to take what you want no matter whom you hurt in the process. They have handbooks on gangs they pass out to these kids, HISTORY OF GANGS, they are books that our children read! Take back your children. Teach them the value of a dollar, teach them respect and love. Dont whine that you didnt have anything or the love you needed to be a good parent, forget generation why and teach our generation X's a thing or two about a life of commissions, not allowances. Teach them to work, earn their money, spend only what they make, never take from others. Train up a child in the way he should go and he shall follow in your footsteps.

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