Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opening Your Eyes to the World of Money

Being blinded by money schemes no more. When you become awakened to the world of marketing and banking, you notice the hypocrisy of it all. Rejecting the idea of credit is the start. Once you have determined to live a life without credit you notice a few things about marketing for credit. You see commercials that show fathers dancing with daughters at her dream wedding in Hawaii, or kids graduating college while giving them keys to a brand new vehicle, picking up baby items with pregnant mom and flashing your credit card. You see people buying "green" friendly products at a time when gas is at an all time high and credit cards marketing with cents off gas incentives, while all the while charging you 29.99% interest. Playing to your wants, instead of your needs. When you consider the average American owns at least two credit cards, carry a maxed out or almost maxed out balance, paying only minimums and being charged more for finance charges than their actual minimum payment, we should all think twice about charging up our next television set. By the time you've paid for your $4200 dollar flat screen television plus interest over the average two years of aggressive payments (seven years of minimum payments) it will take you to pay the television off, you've paid twice that amount and it is time for a new television set. Really be careful too, when paying just minimums. When your finance charge is more than your minimum payment, your balance can go up instead of down. Many Americana's credit payments (including loans, vehicles, student loans, lines of credit, and credit cards) is as much as their entire mortgage put together.
In the time of our great grandparents, it was looked down upon to borrow money. In the time of our grandparents, it was only OK to borrow money for major things, like a home. In the time of our parents, credit became a way of life. Now this generation, we are so much in debt that we cant claw our way out. Wake up to the hypocrisy of it all. We get excited that they "accept" us as customers, when we are paying them thousands upon thousands to loan us hundreds. Save up your money and pay yourself the interest. Move forward from the credit vortex.

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