Saturday, May 3, 2008

Creating a budget

Spend every dime on paper before you spend it. That is what a budget is. Put your expenses into categories, need a good software, try excel spreadsheet or Dave Ramsey's gazelle intense software. Spend all your money in these categories until you reach zero. When you hit zero, stop spending money, you dont have anymore. Try these categories and a suggested percentage of your money.
charity 10%
savings 5-10%
transportation 10%
clothes 2%
entertainment 4%
utilities 10%
debt 0% (hopefully)
food 20%
personal 4%
housing 25%
by the way if your mortgage is more than 25-35% of your income, you might want to sell or refinance, otherwise, you are what Dave calls "house poor and you could struggle getting the four necessity payments in (utilities, clothing, food, housing)

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